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【 China Daily 】China’s resolve to fight virus firm
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China’s resolve to fight virus firm
By Nankouman Keita | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-02-06 15:05
Medical staff from Shanghai busy with their work in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. [Photo provided by Xinmin Evening News WeChat account]

The novel coronavirus has already been declared a public health emergency in international scope by the worlds highest health organization (WHO) on Jan 30.

China is a country that has a large potential capacity for eradication of the novel coronavirus in Chinese territories. Medicine combined with experts from the World Health Organization can play an active role in the treatment of patients with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus 2019nCoV. Chinese took the problem head on, clearly, transparently and, I believe, very effectively. I would say that the treatment it applies should work, referring to the quarantine of more than 12 million Chinese in Wuhan, the city in which the novel coronavirus appeared. The resolution was taken to effectively stop the spread of the virus. By quarantining the city of Wuhan at the heart of the coronavirus epidemic, residents should not leave Wuhan without a specific reason. It is very difficult to make such a decision, but I found the decision worthy, courageous and correct, and noted a sense of patriotism on the part of the service responsible for the fight against epidemics at the municipal level.

The Hubei provincial government is well aware of the danger of the spread of the epidemic, which is why they have made a noble decision that goes in the direction of the general interest. We appreciated this decision of determination and motivation from the provincial government. The Chinese government has shown its strength, competence and power to the nation and world that they can fight against the novel coronavirus. It built a hospital, Huoshenshan, in 10 days to deal with the epidemic of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, which has been operational since Monday. China has confirmed its place as the second economic power in the world, putting all its forces into the battle against the virus, and it shows the rest of the world its determination and its management ability to deal with the difficult issues. The newly-built Huoshenshan Hospital is made up of prefabricated buildings, covers 34,000 square meters and has a thousand beds. A total of 1,400 medical workers from the armed forces have been tasked with treating patients in Huoshenshan Hospital starting from Monday. The structure emerged from the ground in 10 days flat, thanks to 4,000 workers and an army of excavators operating day and night. It was notable that the Huoshenshan Hospital is equipped with 5G antennas to allow remote data transmission to carry out remote diagnostics as quickly as possible. A second hospital of the same type - Leishenshan Hospital - is under construction in Wuhan and should be finished in the coming days.

We received a press release from the Guinean embassy in Beijing, urging all Guinean students living in Wuhan to be calm and confident that the embassy is watching over us and scrupulously respects the preventive measures dictated by the Chinese government.

I am moved by the magnanimous gesture of my university, Hubei University, which created a WeChat group to keep track of students’ situation every day. They are giving advice to international students and reassuring them that they are there to protect us. I am overjoyed by this gesture by Hubei University to raise the morale of its international students who have their responsibilities.

Indeed we share the pain of the Chinese government, especially the provincial government of Hubei. We bring you moral and psychological support. I carry the city of Wuhan in my heart.

Nankouman Keita is a masters degree student in the Department of Political and Legal Sciences in Public Law specializing in public management at Hubei University in Wuhan, China.

The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not represent the views of China Daily and China Daily website.

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